Any internet search will provide you a host of guides, an overwhelming, mind-numbing list of them, all vying for your business.  It is important to remember that, as in any occupation, there are standouts.




Experienced anglers will tell you that the single most important key to your fishing success is having the right guide. In the pursuit of any game fish, having a patient, experienced and hard working guide is a must!  Weather and river conditions are constantly changing, and fish react and follow different patterns as a result.  A guide who has spent years on the water understands these factors and adjusts locations and/or methods accordingly.  The importance of "cumulative knowledge" cannot be overstated.


By spending as many as 250 days a year on the water since 1986 in pursuit of salmon and steelhead, I have amassed a breadth of knowledge that is hard to match.  My dedication to my craft is evidenced not only by my tournament successes, but most importantly by the many returning clients who book with me every year.


It's your money.  Do yourself a favor and research your potential guide carefully.  What you will discover is a very small list of truly high quality guides.  My name will always be on that list.

Below, you will find just a few of the notes that clients have sent me after their days on the water.


John ,
    I want to thank you for a great day on the river!  I appreciate so much that you took the time to teach us float and bobber- doggle techniques.
    What I most appreciate is your patience and humility.  Your success is a result of years of expertise, and that rare ability to relate so positively to your clients. It was very special to relate my day with Charlene, and to share how you made such a special day on the water.
Thanks again,
Jim Sanders


"Hi John,  
I can't think of a better way to escape the stresses of life then to spend a day with the people I love, in a boat, on the Klamath River, with John Klar as our fishing guide!     Thank you for working us in to your busy schedule and making it possible for us to spend a rewarding, memorable day fishing with my parents.  Your knowledge, hard work, and patience are unsurpassed!   

Thank you again,  
Sonja (soon to be Cooper)"


“Hi John,

    Thanks again for another wonderful day with you.  You really create a tremendous day.

    In addition to saying thanks, I want to share with you some of the often unspoken positives that come from a trip like this for me, and in this case, for my son Matt.

    Your trips offer me a chance to experience a ritual of nature that has been going on in these rivers for who knows how long.  This type of awareness helps put daily life struggles in perspective, reminding me that there are larger processes at work (not in a religious sense, but in a natural world sense) that provide me both comfort and mystery.


    For Matt, a child of the electronic age, it gives him an immersion into the natural world that he would not know about, left to his own choices.  Young people these days have little awareness of the rhythms of nature, and his having the chance to spend a day with you is a gift that transcends fishing, helping him be a better and deeper individual.


    You were great with him- positive in your attitude, clear in your instruction.  On the drive home, he spoke often of how special he thought you were.  For all of us who float with you, your love of the process comes across, and is a great mood booster for us.  The pride and devotion to delivering quality in your profession is a very prominent tone that makes it all that much more meaningful.

Again, thanks and much gratitude.”

Steve Flannes



    Thanks for the days on the river and your warm hospitality.  It was a special pleasure to fish with such a professional.”

George Lovelece



Thanks for a great day on the river.  While I realize mother nature didn’t do us any favors, I saw a guide who fished hard for us all day, even in some really tough conditions.  You have my sincere appreciation for the classy manor that you conduct your business.  You have a customer for life!”


Darren McCarthy


"A day fishing with John Klar is an experience of shadowing a man totally in control of his office… Consummate professionalism is a treat to behold, whether you find it in an office, on the playing field or even a wild running river in a remote part of the world."
Dave Balcom
Publisher, Daily News, Fairbault, Mn.


"What made this trip special was the superlative guiding provided by John Klar. He was fully knowledgeable, a superb teacher, quick to assess individual limitations (one of our group was 72), and highly personable. In short, he is the best guide I’ve come across in 30 years of wilderness fishing."
Harold Wolf, Ph.D.
Professor and director of Pharmacology,
University of Utah


"After reading today's daily report [January 10, 2004] I was intrigued to respond. I wholeheartedly agree John that yourself and the guides that you work with are the "Cream of the Crop". Yourself and every Guide that you have set me up with have all been top notch gentlemen, teachers, entertainers and of course Fishermen. You run a tight ship (Float Boat) and give your all to your customers. I appreciate it greatly."
Ron Depp
Sales Representative - DC, Skull Candy
Santa Cruz, CA


"John, thanks so much for the fishing. We had a very special time and your guide services were outstanding. You made the day."
Dan Carlson – San Jose, Ca.


"John, just wanted to say thanks again for such a great time this past weekend. I’ve never fished with someone who works as hard as you do for your clients… very impressive."
Matt Bingham – Pleasanton, Ca.


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