In the Wake of the Week 2/1/15


There are no paid sick days when you're a fishing guide.  I have been fighting a bug for about a week now, and I have had a tough time shaking it.  Yesterday, I backed the boat into the garage and went straight to bed; hence the day late report.

One really crazy addition to the week was being in the drift boat with clients when a 5.7 earthquake hit the coast.  The boat shuddered, but the water never moved; you could hear the rumble, the trees shook, and it was over.

It's been a really good week of fishing with some beautiful steelhead caught as well as some great pictures of things other than fish.  This will be a picture heavy posting for that reason, and also the fact that it looks like we are going to get a few days off late this week as some serious rain is forecast for the northcoast.