I’ve always taken pride in the fact that I provide the very latest, state of the art equipment for my guests.  Quality, well maintained equipment adds to your fishing experience and there simply isn’t any better than what you’ll be using.  Throughout this site, you will find links to the manufacturers who I am fortunate to work with and whose equipment I use.  They are the who's who of the fishing industry.



Since 1993 I’ve had the pleasure of working with, and being on the Pro-Staff for Willie Boats. They are most forward thinking, most accommodating, quality conscious boat company out there.  With Willie Boats there never seems to be a problem, only a solution.  What more could you ask for from the company that builds your boats?

In 2011 we rolled out a new 25’ Classic, their latest jet boat design.  This 7 foot wide hull is a pure fishing platform and accommodates up to six anglers very comfortably.

I turn my drift boats over every two or three years, assuring you that the options and design features are current, and that the boat will always look great.  Since the beginning, I’ve rowed a 17x54 model which will comfortably fish up to three anglers.


Regardless of which boat we’re using on your trip, the first thing you’ll notice is that the boat is clean and organized.  You deserve that;  its part of what you are paying for.