August 20 -Out of date fixing


We've Switched

When you get into any of my boats this year, one of the first things you'll probably notice is a brand new, full compliment of Lamiglas fishing rods.  Why the big change?  It's simple ... Lamgilas listens.  While other rod manufacturers are discontinuing models in the salmon/steelhead market, Lamiglas asks, "What do you need?" 

This change wasn't one that was easy for me given the fact that I'd worked with my previous manufacturer for over 20 years.  In the end, my decision was based on a few important factors.  Lamiglas offers more technique specific rods than anyone else which makes it possible for me to dial in my rods for their intended use.  The craftsmanship is beautiful, and the company really understands that listening to the guides who use their rods helps them produce a better a product.  They also work with their guides to insure that we are always using the latest models and materials.  Ultimately, this is a relationship that benefits all parties - Lamiglas the company, the guides on the pro-staff, and the consumer buying a rod in the retail market. I'm excited about the change and look forward to putting these rods in your hands.

Good Fishing,